Insurance Company Payments

What is Payment Posting?

Payment posting is simply posting payments from the insurance company into the system. The insurance company sends a check along with an EOB. On the EOB the insurance company will tell you the allowed amount and the amount they paid. You would then bill the patient any copays, coinsurance or deductibles.

What is an EOB?

EOB means Explanation of Benefits. Insurance companies send information to both the patient and provider on exactly what they paid and allowed. Allowed amount means the maximum amount the insurance company would consider for payment. Any difference above the allowed amount is written off if the provider participates with the insurance company.

Example. The charged amount for the doctors’ visit was $100. The insurance company allowed $70($30 gets written off write away if the doctor participates) out of the $70(they allowed) they pay $50 and states patient has a$20 copay. The $50 they paid plus the $20 copay equals the allowed amount of $70.

If the doctor doesn’t participates with the insurance then the patient is liable for any balance left over after the insurance company pays. In this example, the patient would have to pay the $20 copay and the $30 since the doctor doesnt participate. The patient would be liable for $50 since the insurance company only paid $50. This is because the doctor doesn't participates.